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Domaine René Leclerc

Griotte Chambertin Grand Cru
Climate located at 240/290 m altitude, exposure to the east on a soil of marl and limestone.
Our plot of 0ha68a is 45 years old.

Garnet color of medium intensity.
Honoring its level of grand cru, the nose is complex and delicate. This very solar soil expresses in the first place notes of fruit macerated in alcohol (strawberry, cherry), then floral after a little airing (bramble, hawthorn). A woody note is reminiscent of a farm with a larger proportion of new oak.

The mouth surprises with a firm and tart attack, then the wine unfolds its firm texture too, but curiously and also sweet. A discreet minerality salivates the taste buds.

The tonic tonic and racy are of superior quality.
In the final, very beautiful persistence on the cherry ... morello ! With this very high level wine, the taster is in the presence of a concise and chiseled wine, cut like a diamond, like this timeless jewel !

A déguster avec
Quails with grapes, capon, rooster with wine.

Combe aux Moines 1er Cru
Climate located at 340/380 m altitude, exposure to the east on a calcareous soil. Two parcels, one 60 years old, the other 40 years old with a total surface area of 73 acres.

Intense garnet red color.
On the nose, the aromatic expression is rather discreet, the wine is on the reserve in years of youth. We still note the presence of very ripe black fruits (blackberries, blueberries) and that rather special of "noble" vegetation typical of some very thin sectors in earth.

In contrast, aging in oak casks is a little more marked in the form of subtle woody notes mixed with some spices (cocoa, vanilla). The estate practices harvesting ripe grapes, especially on this parcel of high hills. The mouth is affirmed on a sweet note of macerated fruits. A small acidic tension is always present to give relief and vibration in the middle of the mouth.

The finish is warm with hints of cocoa and gingerbread. A rare and mysterious wine, this premier cru, which is characterized by restraint and discretion in its youth, offers aging the promise of exceptional emotion.

A déguster avec
Quail, pigeon, game birds.

Lavaux Saint Jacques 1er Cru
Climate located at its summit at 350 m altitude, southeast exposure on clay-limestone soil.
Our plot of 0ha 52a is 52 years old.

Deep cherry red dress.
Very nice powerful and expressive nose: at first a little reductive and sanguine, apannage of the great soils, then, after a little airing, fruity (black berries wild-ripe, elderberry, blueberry without forgetting the black cherry).

The aging in barrels is discreetly expressed by a very light woody-smoked touch. On the palate, hot and cold together bloom on the texture: the attack is fluid and fleshy, but the mid-palate is a little tight in its tannins. A mineral tension gives a feeling of freshness and relief.

The black cherry confirms its presence in the mouth. This quite authoritarian wine stands out among the other first growths by a complexity, a race and a length out of the ordinary.

A déguster avec
Rosbeef, boeuf bourguignon.

● Les Champeaux 1er Cru
Climate located at 320 / 360m altitude, exposure to the east on a very stony limestone soil. Our parcel of 0ha 43a is 70 years old on average.

Intense garnet red color.
Very directional, the nose imposes an intensity and complexity in a balanced mix of ripe fruit (strawberry, raspberry), flowers (rose, hawthorn) and spices (nutmeg, vanilla, licorice). The aging in recent barrels is perfectly melted.

In the mouth, it's a block ! The firm and sweet tannins obtained by the maceration of perfectly ripe grapes, express with justice all the potentialities of this rather poor terroir. Righteousness, consistency, qualitative aromas of macerated fruit: it is undeniably a great pinot.

To conclude, a very nice length on the acidulated orange zest finishes the tasting.

A déguster avec
Duck, game birds.

Gevrey Chambertin

69 climates are classified in the Village appellation: Gevrey Chambertin. We operate 11 plots for an area of 5ha33a at places called: Carrougeot, Clos prior, Pressonnier, Billiards, Sylvie, Fields, Hollow fog, flattening, Justice, Croix des Champs, Crais. Our "Village" Gevrey results from the blending of wines from these parcels with the exception of Clos Prieur, which is vinified alone.

● Gevrey Chambertin Village
Intense garnet red color.
The nose is vinous, spicy with a hint of liquorice. After aeration, aromas of ripe cherry taking the relay, going to candied fruits and blond tobacco some years. Beautiful mouth finely tart, marked by black fruits (blackberries, elderberry). Extracted by controlled vinification, firm tannins, yet perfectly melted, support a racy and generous full-bodied wine. The sweet and tangy flavors balance naturally and give flesh, gluttony and vibration to this "round" cuvée resulting from the blending of several terroirs of the appellation.

A long length on ripe fruit is reminiscent of a perfectly ripe harvest of grapes.

A déguster avec
Red meat in sauce, cheese platter.

● Gevrey Clos Prieur

Garnet red color of good intensity.
Open and very expressive nose with typical Pinot Noir notes. It is said that wine "pinot"! The red fruits share the aromatic expression with a very light woody, normal since the percentage of recent casks increases. Always filigree, presence of the note "core of cherry" typical of the appellation. Beautiful acid tannins structure the mouth to make a mineral wine, racy, "whole". The texture is admirable and makes this wine a model of juicy and crunchy wine. In spite of everything, a return of hot and spicy tannins express in the final a certain austerity giving what is necessary reserve for this vintage of high class.

A déguster avec
Rib of beef, Citeaux cheese.

● Bourgogne

Garnet red color of medium intensity.
Nose of very ripe red berries, even stewed. Subtle and discreet woody touch thanks to a barrel aging in the previous years containing the Domaine's other appellations. On the palate, very nice attack on ripe fruits. The wine continues on a beautiful tannic frame built on sweet and silky tannins. The very ripe harvested grapes sometimes express an elegant note of licorice. Terroir Burgundy requires, a nice acidulous balance sweet taste and gives a touching relief to the final.

A déguster avec
Grill, pepper steak.

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